Get to know us

Our history

At Lancaster Doberman, our passion for the Doberman breed is at the heart of everything we do. We are a family of dedicated breeders, committed to raising exceptional Doberman puppies that are not only beautiful but also healthy, intelligent, and full of love.

Our Commitment:

We take pride in our commitment to responsible breeding practices, ensuring the well-being and health of our Dobermans is always the top priority. Our breeding program is built on a foundation of love, care, and dedication to the breed's integrity.

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People and culture

A Loving Home

Our breeding home is where our Dobermans are not just dogs but cherished family members. They are raised in a warm and nurturing environment, receiving the love and socialization they need to become loving companions.

A Safe Haven:

Our home is designed to meet the unique needs of our Dobermans. It's clean, spacious, and filled with activities to encourage physical and mental growth. We start basic training early, ensuring a smooth transition for our puppies into their forever homes.